Monthly Archives: January 2011

chimps in the news

This week’s New Yorker alerted me to the existence of a new film on Nim Chimpsky, one of Lucy’s contemporaries. Project Nim (see a clip here) opened this year’s Sundance Festival and has been picked up by HBO Films. In addition, the current New York magazine carries the story of Travis, a chimp that lived in a [...]

men are from mars, women are from venus, dogs are from…?

A few items of interest: A New York Times article on a border collie with a vocabulary 1,022 nouns and assorted verbs. A Radiolab episode on the minds of animals–blessed hamsters, grateful whales, guilty dogs. Another New York Times article on well-meaning pet owners who cook for their companions. Home-cooking may be a be motivated [...]

what were they thinking?

We asked ourselves this question a lot. We had to keep reminding ourselves it was a different time. In the 1960s, family values looked like kids bouncing around the back of the station wagon without seatbelts while mom and dad filled the car with cigarette smoke. Just as dangerous as what we didn’t yet know was [...]