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Let’s hear it for Abumrad and Kurlwich! NYReview of Books shout-out for RadioLab!

This blog has been silent for a bit. It has to do mainly with the fact that each and every one of us has been plunged into a ton of work lately. I was diverted from writing to put on my production manager hat for the American Composer Orchestra‘s opening concert on the 15th (which rocked!). Jocelyn [...]

old school take-aways

John’s coverage of our latest adventure was so thorough that there isn’t much left for me to say. But I’d like to briefly highlight a few of the elements that, from my perspective, made for an afternoon of extraordinarily productive music-making: 1. Economy. The basic musical material came down to a simple V-I pattern in [...]

thoughts from one of the old-school musicians…

One of our rockers from the workshop upstate asked me to post her thoughts about the music we created up on the blog. So here it is: “Lucy was the spirit of our whole jam session. I can’t speak for all of us, but for me, I was thinking about how she must have felt [...]

keeping it real upstate… old school style…

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel upstate to the village of Cherry Valley NY to do a composition workshop with some crazy-talented musicians. The whole affair was a part of my grant from the kind folks at Meet the Composer. These musicians ranged from middle-school to high-school age and came from all kinds [...]

C is for cookie…

Yesterday I joined our fearless ensemble Redshift at the New Music Bakesale in Brooklyn. “What is a New Music Bakesale?”, you ask? Well… have a look for yourself The spirit of the event was great. I mean let’s be serious… there were cookies, and beer, and a line-up of great performers playing new works by [...]

a chimp by any other name

Lucy sits in the cart as we shop at the grocery store. Occasionally a manager will say “No pets allowed.” We are indignant. “Lucy is not a pet. She is our daughter.” In most cases, that suffices. Andy was in town this week for a concert with the Five Boroughs Music Festival, which gave him, [...]

first rehearsal

Andy just left after our first rehearsal on the music for the project.  In its present form, the piece we looked at (the final movement from Our Basic Nature, entitled “The Power to Ask Questions”) is scored for five instruments plus voice:  Piano, toy piano, violin, cello and clarinet.  As this was a virgin reading [...]

think small… thoughts about miniatures of all sorts…

Over the weekend I found a perfect excuse to unchain myself from my writing desk. Loyal readers may remember a post I put up a while back about toy pianos and the various merits of using then in this little opera about a man who loves Lucy. Well as luck would have it, the pianist [...]

lucy needs a drink

Lucy is an ideal drinking companion. She makes sounds of great delight when offered a drink. The only liquor I have seen her refuse is straight crème de menthe. She never gets obnoxious, even when smashed to the brink of unconsciousness. Raising a chimp meant lots of extra expenses for the Temerlin family. Not only [...]

news of the day

Trouble in the Monkey House