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….and away we go!

We’re about to take Lucy on her first outing.  Jocelyn, our intrepid music director, braved blizzard conditions and arrived in the Twin Cities Metro Area last night.  She and I spent a few hours putting together John’s score.  I haven’t had the pleasure of making music with Dueck in a long time, and it is [...]

more monkey business

I haven’t made an entry in awhile, but I couldn’t resist this…. Top Ten signs your monkey has a drinking problem.

We just had a FANTASTIC workshop of OBN!  We had a full reading of the libretto for some friends and colleagues, hashed out some details and cuts, and basically had a great time doing it.  I for one am really looking forward to more! I just saw this post on gawker tv and had to [...]

Monkey business

One of the most extraordinary vignettes of Temerlin’s memoir is how Lucy, after having acquired a pretty sophisticated vocabulary of ASL signs, lies about a ‘potty accident’ on the floor, blaming it on someone else. Is this learned behavior? Is this the consequence of growing up human? Or, as this TED talk suggests, are there [...]

So you’re doing an opera….about a monkey?

In short, well, yes. We are in the midst of a project that really started about four years ago at Glimmerglass Opera. I was an apprentice artist there, and John wrote a fantastic set of songs for Jocelyn, me, and a superb violinist (Leona Nadj) to perform on my apprentice recital. We had such a [...]